1. theryan244

    Don’t you think this is just too much? Shouldn’t we be able to just function without external stimulus. Seriously. At what point does this become unhealthy or detrimental to you’re overall well-being? Not coming from a “haters” mentality, I take a lot of nootropics. I just also hate relying on supplements and drugs (because a lot of “nootropics” are drugs) to just function.

  2. Michael Doubleday

    Ryan, your a fountain of information. Your channel is one of three that I set to notify me when a new video is up. Keep up the Great work 🙂

  3. freedommascot

    Where in the world can one get modafinil?

  4. Ric La flair

    So are nootropics snake oil/ really intense marketed placebo? Or the real deal

  5. al tar

    Hey man what do u think about stacking l-theanine and racetams…???

  6. william cooper

    Yo Ryan whats your take on Optimum Nutrition Pre-workout and Liftmode's energy caps for productivity and focus and mood and whatever.

  7. D Kubala

    Would you be able to review the product "Amino-iQ" by the brand "beyond yourself"? or just the noopept formula within? This from my understanding is the first nootropic (amino acid and caffeine) supplement in Canada to be sold on shelves and it claims to have 1602mg of enhancing "nootropic" formula. I wouldn't believe there to be any noopept because the formula is a great dose (too large to include noopept), but it doesn't say what nootropics they've included… im just curious, thanks.

  8. lemon Alpaca

    Hey Ryan, sorry if you’ve already gone over these two topics/compounds, what is your thoughts Tianeptine? And the other compound is Panax Ginseng. Any information on these two products? Thank you, my brotha.

  9. jeremymarchand46

    Stacks for multitasking and real estate agent

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