1. canyoncreekster

    Great info tnx. Have you tried monoatomic Gold? Im new to noos but i use ormus and find it amazing, no side effects but it does effect subtle changes, find it to be spacey and just fineness.

  2. Bhajan Yog

    Great video Ryan!
    Plz tell which nootropics work as
    Dopamine reuptake enhancers

  3. User Ertor

    @cortex Labs does having ADD effect how uridine monophasphate works in the brain. I tried ot for a whole week and no effect.

  4. Sveska

    Do you take caffeine with Bromantane?

  5. silvershroud33

    Is 9 me bc okay to take for people who suffer with pssd?

  6. Emmanuel St.Cloud

    Dude…the hair…love it…and keep up the good work

  7. Nathaniel Day

    Awesome 🙌

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