1. Ryan Krammes

    I don't know. I have not run as a habit since high school but high intensity resistance training seems to work very well for me. I have been practicing a low carbohydrate diet (less than 75 grams per day with a cheat day) for more than 2 years. I started my adult health journey with the 4 hour body and I am a huge proponent of the slow carb diet if weight loss is your goal. I just can't get behind long duration cardio because I have ankle and knee issues from varsity sports and the wear and tear just doesnt seem worth it to me. Unless you are training for some sort of endurance based sport I think resistance training trumps cardio in every case. 2 kettle bell tabatas 3 times per week gives me a boost that is totally noticeable if I skip a few days. Keto seems too extreme but for those that are on the mesomorph/endomorph side of the spectrum, low carb along with resistance training seems to work very well.

  2. Angel Lozano

    I love the research because I retain peices of what you put down which makes me go in and do my own research and basically giving my me a good mind set of where I am physically which in turn aids the way your brain works. I mean let's be on honest your body couldn't live without the brain and the brain couldn't be as capable and functional without the body so what is the point I'm getting at? Well the source of all this energy is our diet what you eat and when you eat is in my opinion a big factor in this.

  3. Chris_Digi-Wunderland

    I would like to mention another advantage of running, excersising: A pretty simple one, that can be overlooked quite easy: OXYGEN !
    In our modern western world many people are 24/7 stressed out. So their sympathetic nervous system is overactivated. That leads to shallow breathing and makes thousands of problems in the body.

    Whatever your body needs to produce, it can be easier produced with enough oxygen. Thats why breathing excersises like Wim Hof or Stanislav Grof have such a deep impact on peoples consciousness. The not breathing part makes something like zombies out of people over the years. So i would say its kinda like a de-zombiefication. Its a interesting topic and i could write tons of things about it.

    Just felt like writing it, cause sometimes theres an tendency its get a litte bit complicated in the nootropic scene. And the research on that level has its place and i find it interesting. But theres is also the simple parts, that get overlooked quickly.

    If you dont breath enough, dont drink enough clean good water, dont move your body all the nootropics in the world alone cant do the job for you to becoming a healthy, lucky person. For me nootropics are an important puzzle, but they have to have their place in a holistic approach.

  4. Leet Haxor

    Im 14 and very interested in my biology and how I can take the best care of my body in every aspect. Im already applying a lot of things Ive learned so far and Im not afraid of being uncoventional. However, I understand that Im in a special situation in the sense that a lot of topics covered, such as certain nootropics, either arent safe for developing bodies or I dont have access to because of my age. At the same time though, since I am still developing I have a ton of potential that some people dont (things along the lines of high neuroplasticity and suc). Can anyone point me in the direction of a good start for a semi-beginner biohacker and scientist? Anything is appreciated or if you know a better place to post this question, that too would be very helpful!

  5. Joe S

    Can you provide link to the study you read from? Thanks

  6. Justin D'shaw

    Seeing that powder straight up on the scale in the beginning of the video literally made me cringe. Please use a weighing pan in the future.

  7. Daniel Rodgers

    this is a commercial

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