Viking Testosterone Protocol

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This is it my friend. This is what you’ve been waiting for. Introducing.. the BEST TESTOSTERONE BOOSTING PROGRAM, on the internet, but UPGRADED

Hi, my name  is Ryan Michael Ballow, and I have spent the greater part of the last 5 years, studying how to facilitate all the necessary moving parts, to SUPERCHARGE your masculinity, and turn you into a TESTOSTERONE POWERHOUSE.

And I am finally ready to share this with the world.

What you get

  1. 2, 1 hour calls with me, where we fact find your specific situation.
  2. A full, comprehensive, tailored testosterone protocol constructed, and put live in a document ONLY YOU can access.
  3. Testosterone HACKS that operate in SYNERGY to SOAR testosterone levels.
  4. Continued correspondence to help SUSTAIN testosterone gains.
  5. Granular instruction on REMOVING the things in your life that are TANKING your testosterone (I know them ALL), and bringing things in that will SUPERCHARGE YOUR MASCULINITY and Testosterone.
  6. Advanced level gonadotropin biohacks, that CLEAR THE PATHWAYS to almost instantly skyrocket free, usable testosterone.
  7. High level dietary protocols tailored to get you the RAW building blocks to testosterone production and signaling.
  8. MORE

What you can expect:

  1. Stronger erections (including powerful morning erections)
  2. Massive libido
  3. Intense confidence and masculinity
  4. Effortless muscle gain
  5. Massive attraction from women (they will SENSE your masculinity, and be extremely attracted to it
  6. A better sex life with your wife or girlfriend
  7. Massive motivation to CRUSH it in life
  8. Extra energy for your work, your passion, AND THE GYM

We will FLIP THE SWITCH of masculinity ON, and get you feeling like the VIKING ALPHA MALE you want to be.


Once you purchase the Viking Testosterone Protocol, I (Ryan) will reach out to you via email, set up the first call, to start working on POWERFULLY INCREASING TESTOSTERONE right away. After the call, I’ll construct a working document for you, with your tailored protocol, and a communication platform for us to discuss the process along the way.

We will start working IMMEDIATELY on raising your testosterone, finding out what’s stopping it, and JUMPSTARTING the steroidal enzyme testosterone production process.

So if you want to be a MAN AGAIN, and get your MASCULINE ESSENCE back, buy the package NOW.

Don’t fucking wait either. This is a no bullshit chance to become a man again, and get your masculinity BACK. Buy below, and let’s CRUSH this shit together.

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