SHRED – Weight Loss Consult/Program

Shred is a 2 month, intensive, highly effective weight loss program/consult, where you’ll work directly with a world renowned biohacker, to MELT weight and GET LEAN

“Hands Down the best weight loss strategy I’ve ever encountered” – Cale Dunning

In this highly effective, effortless to follow weight loss consult, we’ll achieve the following:


  1. Melt large amounts of body fat
  2. Get your body extremely lean
  3. Still be able to eat tasty, wholesome foods
  4. NOT deprive you of carbs, fat, or protein
  5. Keep you feeling ENERGIZED throughout the process
  6. Substantial fat loss over a two month period
  7. Customized Meal Plans/Purchase lists for food
  8. Highly satiating cheat day foods
  9. Easily digestible online documentation of all suggested protocols
  10. TEACH YOU the most highly effective weight loss strategies in the world for your continued success

Next Steps

  1. Purchase the intensive SHRED consult
  2. Ryan will reach out to you within 48 hours to schedule the first FACT FINDING call.
  3. A comprehensive food purchase list will be generated
  4. Dynamic instruction document will be generated
  5. The Process Begins

This consult is 2 months long in duration, comes with UNLIMITED phone/telegram correspondences, highly effective, proven fat burning protocols, and a detailed final strategy document to MAINTAIN results.

Pull the trigger now, and let’s SHRED body fat together
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The official Cortex nootropic FDA disclosure information can be found here.

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Cortex Labs is an American, PA based company built by Army combat veteran and entrepreneur Ryan Michael Ballow.

Our products target business professionals, and nootropics and performance enhancement enthusiasts, including the biohacking community.

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