Nootropics consult/stack optimization

Let’s get you the Best nootropic stack for your brain


This consult package allows us to help you formulate the best nootropic stack ingredients and quantities for your brain. It includes:

  1. 1 Telegram App consultation / Fact finding
  2. Follow up STACK formulation/suggestions (4 stacks total)
  3. Adjustment if necessary, based on feedback, of said 4 stacks

Simply order the consult package, and RYAN will be in contact with you personally within 1-4 days to set up your Nootropics consult With this package, Ryan will help you CREATE/REFINE/OPTIMIZE 4 nootropic stacks, AND get you 13 years of experience to CUSTOM FORMULATE stacks that work for you and get your brain firing on all cylinders. We will help you refine:

  1. Nootropic ingredients that work BEST for you
  2. The most optimal doses for mental performance
  3. How to cycle on and off of nootropics for the best use
  4. Questions you have relating to your stack/nootropics/brain performance
  5. Whatever else comes up!

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  2. Checkout and pay/reserve your booking
  3. Email to schedule and establish communication on Telegram.

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