Nootropic Starter Pack PRO

What you get

In the Nootropics Starter Pack PRO, you get:

  1. A bottle of the Cortex nootropic stack, 30 COUNT. This is our flagship nootropic stack, that will set the baseline for what nootropics should function like. We built this stack to be a strong, powerful, noticeable nootropic compound that improves verbal fluency, motivation, and mental energy.
  2. Smarter Better Faster digital nootropics instruction guide — This is a powerful, downloadable, fully digital nootropics guide that teaches you how to use nootropics surgically, to get the best brain performance results. It teaches you how to stack nootropics, what nootropics to take to reach particular brain states, how to cycle nootropics, and is laden with highly effective lists of nootropic stacks for you to take, that have been tested and work well. Downloadable and digital as a PDF, and instantly accessible. 
  3. Nootropics Consult – This is our flagship service, which includes a 40 minute call with me, Ryan, and CUSTOM STACK FORMULATION for you. We’ll listen to your experience, health issues and problems, nootropics history, and more, and develop 5-7 SURGICAL nootropic stacks for you to take. THEN – we’ll work with you throughout a series of email correspondences, to dial those stacks in to perfection. We have saved people YEARS of experimenting, doing this service. 
  4. A copy of “Stack List,” which is a digital book that synthesizes ALL of the MOST POWERFUL stacks from ALL of our 6 digital nootropics books, into one. Downloadable and digital as a PDF, and instantly accessible. 
  5. A copy of the Racetam God Guide, filled with powerful Racetam nootropic stacks, with all 8 major racetams. These are the collection of 8 years of nootropics experience, bringing the most poweful racetam stacks in the world!! Downloadable and digital as a PDF, and instantly accessible. 

This is the Starter Pack on Nootropics for people that want to go PRO with Nootropics. You will be armed with ALL the knowledge, a bottle of our epic nootropic stack Cortex, custom stack formulation with our consult, and the best list of powerful nootropic stack on the planet with “Stack List.” 

There could not be a better place to start with Nootropics, or UP YOUR GAME with nootropics if you’re already in. 

It’s important to set a precedent and a baseline before you start using nootropics. You need to know what the powerful nootropic stacks do to you, and how to use some of the most widely taken nootropics in the nootropics sphere. The Cortex stack delivers an example of how a nootropic should feel and function. Our stack is used by everyone from former Army combat soldiers, to high level business people all around the world. Cortex is where you want to start to establish an understanding of what nootropics should be. The Smarter Better Faster digital guide breaks down ALL of the majorly important aspects of nootropics that one has to know, going in. Such as:

  1. What neurotransmitters certain nootropics work on.
  2. Who takes nootropics?
  3. What is choline?
  4. What are the different choline sources?
  5. What are Racetams?
  6. How do you take Racetams?
  7. How to stack ALCAR.
  8. How to stack Phenylpiracetam.
  9. Full breakdown and associated stacks with Noopept.
  10. Research memory nootropics and how to use them
  11. Stacking afinils
  12. Curveball, highly effective stacks like the Piracetam/Caffeine/Theanine protocol (and how to properly dose it)
  13. The AACT stack, a stack famously known to crank up brain performance in a pinch!
  14. How to use Phenibut, L-Theanine, Ashwagandha, and more. SO MUCH MORE. 

Stack List delivers: 

  1. Stacks with Modafinil
  2. Stacks with Aniracetam
  3. Stacks with Oxiracetam 
  4. Stacks with Coluracetam 
  5. Stacks with Phenylpiracetam 
  6. Stacks with Uridine
  7. Stacks with Theacrine
  8. Stacks with Theobromine
  9. Stacks with Piracetam 
  10. Stacks with Pramiracetam 
  11. Stacks with Fasoracetam 
  12. Stacks with ALCAR
  13. Stacks with Alpha GPC
  14. Stacks with CDP Choline
  15. Stacks with PRL-853
  16. Stacks with L-Tyrosine
  17. Stacks with L-Theanine
  18. MORE!!!!

The Racetam God Guide delivers: 

  1. A full breakdown of all 8 racetams
  2. Stacks with Aniracetam
  3. Stacks with Oxiracetam
  4. Stacks with Piracetam
  5. Stacks with Phenylpiracetam
  6. Stacks with Coluracetam
  7. Stacks with Fasoracetam
  8. Stacks with Nefiracetam
  9. MORE!!! 

The Racetam God Guide is the best collection of the STRONGEST racetam stacks that exist, all TESTED, and dosed meticulously. 

What to do next

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  3. Immediately after checkout, you’ll be sent to the order received page, where you can download Smarter Better Faster, Stack List, and the Racetam God Guide!!
  4. Within 24 hours, we will ship you a bottle of the Cortex Nootropic stack. If you’re in the US, you’ll have it in less than 3 days. If you’re outside of the US, you’ll have it in 1-10 days.
  5. I personally will reach out to you to schedule our nootropics consulting call, in the coming days, to get you your custom stack formulation so you can kick this thing into gear ASAP and get killer brain function. 

And that’s it! The nootropics starter pack PRO is the BEST PLACE to start, in learning, using, and benefiting from the wonderful world of nootropics. This package allows you to take your Nootropics game to the PROFESSIONAL LEVEL. 

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