Executive consulting service

This service is a 3.5 month Nootropics consulting service that gets you:

  1. Unlimited calls
  2. Unlimited emails
  3. Custom stack formulation from Cortex Labs
  4. We create, package, and MAIL YOU the customized stacks we formulate, for 1 month. Then direct you on purchasing and capsuling your own formulations thereafter.
  5. Continuous support on refining stacks to perfection
  6. INCLUDES Viking testosterone protocol if needed
  7. Includes ALL of our digital Nootropics books
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$3.600.00 $3.000.00


FDA disclosure

The official Cortex nootropic FDA disclosure information can be found here.


Cortex Labs is an American, PA based company built by Army combat veteran and entrepreneur Ryan Michael Ballow. Our products target business professionals, and nootropics and performance enhancement enthusiasts, including the biohacking community.
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