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The Cortex Stack was built to deliver Motivation, Mental Energy, Verbal Fluency, Focus, and DRIVE. It is used by some of the highest performing business people, around the planet, to achieve dominant mental performance. Product Ingredients: 
  1. Uridine Monophosphate (150MG)
  2. Cytidine 5 Diphosphocholine (80MG)
  3. Artichoke Extract (90MG)
  4. Bacopa Monnieri (300MG)
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Cortex Nootropic Stack
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 24 reviews
by Kristal & Kash on Cortex Nootropic Stack

Can we stack cortex with raceatams? more specifically, oxiracetam ?Also, do you have a youtube video on it. Thanks !


by Marcus on Cortex Nootropic Stack
Keeps me LIVE

Ryan. Gotta hand it to you man. First, watching your videos, I was like this guy is a bit too markety. Realizing shortly after I caved in and bought Cortex, you're doing it out of passion. AND knowing your product. Folks, the stuff works. When I take Cortex, I get more done in a day then I usually do in 3. Apparently my brain needs the dopamine surge and acetylcholine jumpstart. Super grateful. Loyal customer. -- Marcus

by Fabrice Michel on Cortex Nootropic Stack
It Works No Joke!!

Today is my first day taking it and I feel so zoomed in and focused. I was able to memorize an entire page of notes in less than 30 mins. It feels like I have some sort of super photographic memory now. This stuff is incredible. What ever is in this stuff I would like the exact same thing if I purchase it again.

by Kevin Hiltz on Cortex Nootropic Stack
Replaced my routine

I use to take a cocktail of stimulants just to get through the day. Cortex replaced the entire stack. A few cups of coffee and 2 caps of Cortex and I'm on my way. Later in the day I'll throw down some Oxiracetam and that all just keeps me sharp and energzized.

by David R. on Cortex Nootropic Stack
Lights Up The Morning

I really like this pre-made stack. The Cortex Labs YouTube Channel is excellent. Ryan goes above and beyond to give out tons of free extremely valuable information on nootropics. I took Cortex recently when I was working on my car and needed a boost. Before I took it I was about to throw in the towel but after dosing with Cortex it gave me the focus & motivation I needed to get under the car and knock out what I needed to do. I highly recommend taking a B-complex with this first thing in the morning on an empty stomach (I take half of one) and drinking Bulletproof coffee to wash it down. Cortex also stacks well with Racetams, Noopept, and ALCAR. Thanks Ryan, keep up the great work.

by Heteng Zhang on Cortex Nootropic Stack
Great Product!

I have ADHD and this product really worked for me.

by Santiago Rivera on Cortex Nootropic Stack
Exactly what I need at 60

This stack is excellent, I've used it regularly cycling on and off for 3 years now and here I my number one improvement. When I use to enter a room I often forgot what I went in there to get but no more. I now never leave a room without what I went in there for. That was a noticeable improvement and if it works for me at 60 what difference would this product have done for me if I was 40. What more could I have achieved these last 20 years. Good work young man and thank you.

by jermaine Tillery on Cortex Nootropic Stack
Real good stuff!

I think this is an excellent product. I only gave it 4 because I wish it stimulated glucose metabolism more. I am a diabetic so when my sugar is not good it is not as effective. However, when my glucose is under control no Nootropic stack has worked better. As long as this company is in business I will be purchasing this product. I am on my second bottle I have noticed verbal fluency has improved quite a bit. I will be cycling off shortly and start using cdp and fasoracetam

by Sterling Green on Cortex Nootropic Stack
WorkHorse Review

Man...Idk where to start. Ever since i've started using Cortex Workhorse, my mental performance and motivation has been through the ROOF!!! Impacting my life in ways i never thought it would. For this to only be the 1st Gen is just mind blowing. If your looking to just better your life overall, Start here. Its the 1st step to the mindset you always dreamed of. I Highly recommend. Not just for normal working class people BUT for Athletes, Musicians or ANYONE WANTING TO BETTER THEM SELVES, THIS IS THE START!!!

by Lisa C on Cortex Nootropic Stack
Cortex vs Adderall

I’m on my 13th bottle of Cortex before writing this review. I was new to nootropics when a friend recommended this product. At 55 I felt like I was losing my edge. I also had untreated ADHD. I used it and noticed a difference right away. I was sharper, more focused and not as tired. The best thing was I lost 25lbs without even trying. Then I thought since this worked maybe I should get proper treatment for ADHD. Went to the doc, took all of tests and was put on 20mg 3 times a day of Adderall. Started treatment and I felt like shit! Yeah I had the energy and focus but the comedown is awful. I started getting depression, anxiety and racing heart. Finally, I decided to go back to Cortex and I felt so much better. It’s fantastic if you take it on empty stomach and have coffee it’ll last for hours. If I feel I still need help in the afternoon then I’ll take an Adderall but I’ll never follow what the doctor ordered again. This stuff works!

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