Cortex Nootropic Stack (30 COUNT)

Cortex is the world’s strongest brain performance enhancement supplement, used by former combat soldiers from the United States Army, business professionals, and productive people all around the world. It targets mental clarity, energy, focus, motivation, productivity, and verbal fluency. Purchase the Cortex product and have powerful brain performance shipped to your doorstep in 1-3 days.


  1. Verbal fluency
  2. Motivation
  3. Productive drive
  4. Working memory
  5. FOCUS capacity
  6. Cognitive endurance
  7. Social skills (via verbal fluency)
  8. Speed of mental processing
  9. Mental acuity
  10. Reaction speed


  1. To dramatically impact your productivity
  2. To speed up mental processing
  3. To establish more confidence
  4. To have a LONG WORK ENDURANCE ability
  5. To be able to FOCUS for long periods of time
  6. To improve the formulation of sentences and verbal delivery
  7. To have more mental energy


  1. Uridine monophosphate: 150MG – Uridine aids in a motivation neurotransmitter’s receptor functionality, and neurite outgrowth, increasing motivation and mental fluidity.
  2. CDP Choline: 80MG – CDP Choline is a precursor to the focus neuro-chemical, Acetylcholine, and improves a motivation neurotransmitter’s receptor density, leading to motivation enhancements.
  3. Bacopa Monnieri: 300MG – Bacopa is an ages old Ayurvedic herb that enhances memory and neurite outgrowth.
  4. Artichoke Extract: 100MG – Artichoke Extract is a PDE4 inhibitor, and thus facilitates energy production in the brain
  • RESTRICTIONS ON COUNTRY: Not available in the United Kingdom (Sorry folks!)

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Cortex Nootropic Stack
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 16 reviews
by Sterling Green on Cortex Nootropic Stack
WorkHorse Review

Man...Idk where to start. Ever since i've started using Cortex Workhorse, my mental performance and motivation has been through the ROOF!!! Impacting my life in ways i never thought it would. For this to only be the 1st Gen is just mind blowing. If your looking to just better your life overall, Start here. Its the 1st step to the mindset you always dreamed of. I Highly recommend. Not just for normal working class people BUT for Athletes, Musicians or ANYONE WANTING TO BETTER THEM SELVES, THIS IS THE START!!!

by Lisa C on Cortex Nootropic Stack
Cortex vs Adderall

I’m on my 13th bottle of Cortex before writing this review. I was new to nootropics when a friend recommended this product. At 55 I felt like I was losing my edge. I also had untreated ADHD. I used it and noticed a difference right away. I was sharper, more focused and not as tired. The best thing was I lost 25lbs without even trying. Then I thought since this worked maybe I should get proper treatment for ADHD. Went to the doc, took all of tests and was put on 20mg 3 times a day of Adderall. Started treatment and I felt like shit! Yeah I had the energy and focus but the comedown is awful. I started getting depression, anxiety and racing heart. Finally, I decided to go back to Cortex and I felt so much better. It’s fantastic if you take it on empty stomach and have coffee it’ll last for hours. If I feel I still need help in the afternoon then I’ll take an Adderall but I’ll never follow what the doctor ordered again. This stuff works!

by Blake on Cortex Nootropic Stack
Great for getting that dopaminergic kick

Initially, I had trouble feeling the effects and just kept getting persistent headaches; I felt pretty let down and left the bottle on the shelf for about a month. After doing some research, I revisited Cortex and tried stacking it with a B-complex. Boom, negative side effects went away 100% and I started to feel it working. I'm a graduate student in a rigorous master's program and have been hired on at a Big 4 accounting firm, so there's no shortage of work that I NEED to get done on a daily basis. This stuff can carry you through caffeine withdrawal and is extremely potent, if not euphoric, when stacked with a dose of caffeine that's 50-100mg above your baseline intake. I've tried several nootropics (individually and stacked), but the UMP/CDP choline combo is a game changer, and is exceptionally good at facilitating flow state. Can't wait to experience the long-term benefits

by Richard Pennington on Cortex Nootropic Stack
Compared to other stacks

I'm not a fan of premade stacks at all. Anyone can buy the ingredients and make it themselves. But for convenience sake... Anyway, I actually like this stack. Compared to other stacks out there, this one definitely packs a more powerful punch. Take with coffee and some ALCAR and you'll be lit up!

by Santiago Rodriguez on Cortex Nootropic Stack
Keeps me going

Can't say enough good things about this stuff. Keeps me going and focused. Verbal fluency is awesome on this stuff too! Solid product Ballow.

by Brad on Cortex Nootropic Stack
Nothing yet

Tried 5 bottles already of the Cortex. Out of the 150 capsules. I noticed some verbal fluency on just one day. Put a racetam in your gen 2 product and I'll give it a try. Brad (Maine)

by Helene DeArvy on Cortex Nootropic Stack
This stuff WORKS

I've tried several different nootropic stacks, ranging from inexpensive to about $70 a bottle, and I must say this bottle works the best, and it's priced reasonably enough to justify upkeep and performance. Without this stuff, I find myself struggling to get one iota of my list completed; but with this stuff, I'm tackling task after task after task. Sometimes I take it with bulletproof coffee, but I mainly take it with tea or caffeinated water. It's also a great pre-workout supplement and pairs well with BCAA's. Best if cycled with another nootropic you trust.

by James Kelvich on Cortex Nootropic Stack

I love this stuff. I just get a LOT done while on it. I wish yall had auto re-order. I'd be the first to do it. Replaced my racetam stack with this!! A bit more expensive in the end but wayyy more worth it. THX !

by Hanz Khatil on Cortex Nootropic Stack
Finally - a stack that works

I've tried basically all the other pre-made stacks. They're OK, but not consistent. And none of them actually pack a strong punch that's worth the money. This Cortex stuff DOES. Whatever you folks put in this, it's working. I did some research on Uridine and CDP Choline as a combo and realized that was likely causing all of these benefits. I feel alive, motivated, alert, and productive. Well done boys.

by Ed on Cortex Nootropic Stack
Strange brew'

Received my buy one get one last week, maybe doing more but nothing too wack but... Waking several times a night is not new for me, still waking from vivid mundane dreams is very new.

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The official Cortex nootropic FDA disclosure information can be found here.


Cortex Labs is an American, PA based company built by Army combat veteran and entrepreneur Ryan Michael Ballow. Our products target business professionals, and nootropics and performance enhancement enthusiasts, including the biohacking community.
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