Brain performance consulting package




Consultation/service breakdown

Service: Brain performance and mental energy hands on consultation with C Suite executives, corporate staff, entrepreneurs, and high performers. Includes:

  • Developing an understanding of your typical brain function, what impedes your brain function, and what other supplements/medications you might be taking.
  • Formulating custom suggestions for improving brain performance via nootropic/brain performance enhancing supplements/compounds.
  • Purchasing 30 day supply of custom brain performance formulation and shipping directly to you, with instructions.
  • 2 months of continuing to zero on on the best combination of supplements/protocols to induce peak brain performance.
  • Ongoing email support with questions regarding all for 3 additional months.

Objective: To find a nootropic (brain performance supplement) and lifestyle protocol that noticeably and powerfully improves the brain performance of the executive/entrepreneur, to directly facilitate productivity, mental energy, focus, and output.

Price: $5,000 paid in advance.

Procedure: We will schedule a video or phone conference (within 48 hours of order) to start the initial assessment of your brain function, your average day, and determine the target of improvement in specific brain function capacities you are looking to achieve.

I will gather this information and formulate a brain performance protocol for you to follow, consisting of daily nootropic supplements that affect mental functioning to improve focus, motivation, energy, and work output, as well as a few lifestyle alterations.

I will purchase, for you, the first 30 day supply of the protocol of nootropic supplements we have determined will be useful to improve your brain performance. Thereafter, you will be provided with the exact vendors and online locations to purchase further nootropic supplements.

My services of consultation and suggestion (via email, calls, or video conferences) on improving brain performance via our nootropic supplement protocols will continue for 5 additional months, with an aim at perfecting the right combination of compounds that directly improve your brain function and productivity output.

Ryan Michael Ballow – CEO, Cortex Labs

Expertise: I, Ryan Michael Ballow, am the CEO of Cortex Labs, the company that makes the Cortex nootropic product. I formulated and launched a brain performance enhancement nutraceutical supplement that is available in 8 countries, used by current and former soldiers of the United States Army, and business executives and entrepreneurs all around the world. I am one of the country’s foremost experts on brain performance enhancement.

Contact me with questions about the service or to set up a free call at