6 Month Intensive Nootropics consulting package

This consult has a duration of 6 months (183 days)

  1. Unlimited calls
  2. Unlimited digital correspondence via Google Documents comment system
  3. Full dietary optimization
  4. Custom energy production protocols, that are situationally specific and tailored to you.
  5. Hyper acute, daily communication, stack adjustment, supplement adjustment, and results driven protocols.
  6. Aggressive experimentation with nootropic compounds, supplements, and research chemicals to target continued energy and cognitive performance
  7. Continued, aggressive Q&A discussions on progress, and immediate follow up adjustments if necessary
  8. Ultimate refined protocols for high level brain performance
  9. Final strategy document with highly advanced protocols after the duration of the consult


Results Driven Consult

This is a results driven consult. You’re working directly with me, Ryan, and I WILL get you results. Usually, the average person has a number of things that need to be optimized, not just cognitive performance. I work with you in this consult, to simultaneously repair libido, sexual sensitivity issues (PSSD), post amphetamine dopamine receptor damage, functional motivation, baseline energy, Adrenal hormones, testosterone, blood sugar, and anything else in between.

I am versed in all of these areas, have 5 years of experience helping business professionals, and people all around the world, to gain and sustain high level performance. We will get results, in surprisingly rapid fashion.


What to do next

  1. Email ryan@livecortex.com with questions pre-purchase if necessary.
  2. Order and pay for the consult
  3. I will reach out to you immediately to set up the first strategy call
  4. The working document, with all of the protocols, communication, will be generated. Access to the document will be provided immediately
  5. We begin

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