1 Month INTENSIVE Nootropics consult/stack formulation

The 1 month, intensive Nootropics consult is an immersion program, dedicated to high impact stack formulation and experimentation, where Cortex Labs creates and ships you Nootropic stacks to experiment with.

This service hyper accelerates your nootropics usage and thus, mental performance for business or productivity related outcomes.

In this intensive nootropics consult, you will work directly with Ryan, with unlimited calls and correspondences, to dial in a variety of Nootropic options, set a schedule for dosing and usage, and hit defined benchmarks for brain performance and productivity.


  1. Experiment with a range of Nootropic chemicals
  2. Adjust doses where necessary to refine formulations
  3. Achieve 10+ perfected formulations
  4. Create, refine, and maintain a nootropic dosing schedule for maximum brain performance output and productivity
  5. Improve baseline ENERGY parameters to foster better Nootropic responses.
  6. Create ongoing conditions for continuity in nootropics administration and maximum brain output and productivity

Next Steps

  1. Purchase the intensive Nootropics consult
  2. Ryan will reach out to you within 48 hours to schedule the first call, and discuss initial stack formulations/energy baseline optimizations to begin with.

Purchase this nootropics package to quickly dial in effective nootropic protocols, for your life and work. This option is best for business professionals, or individuals with a high capacity of brain output demand, to save you years of experimentation, and perfect your Nootropics administration strategy and high performance brain output.

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