1. Macker 41

    Thanks always for all the great info!

  2. Jeff Weller

    I love Limitless ..great stuff, just got some CDP from them. Noopept spray, love it, and the guy who runs it is cool.

  3. Todd Krough

    Special K is my favorite Nootropic.

  4. Chris Mercer

    We have upgraded our Noopept sprayers to glass with more consistent spray tops. Price stayed the same. New higher quality labels as well. We also have other sprays. Sunifiram, n-acetyl semax and n-acetyl selank as well as the amidate forms. Bpc-157, P-21 and N-acetyl epitalon.

  5. Chris_Digi-Wunderland

    Great info, Ryan ! i would like to try that. Im not quite familiar with the local restrictions, in Europe some substances are obviously not for sale. At least i dont find them. I have ordered outside of the EU, thats not really a big problem. However theres is little risk involved if the parcel gets checked. But no risk no fun i guess 🙂

    I would like to put out a vision from me:

    A centre with a lot of people out of the health department working there with ill people seeking help

    -nootropic, ortho molceular specialist
    -physiotherapists, body worker
    -specialist in breathing techniques
    -empathic, clear-sighted people who can read what a ill person needs
    -best nutrition available
    -holistic doctors
    – webinars and lectures/talks
    – having great infrastructure with fitness centre, sauna and special things like ice tubes where you can do stuff like
    Wim hof method

    What would be important to have therapists with a clear mind, open heart and who are a little bit on the humble side so to say.

    The aim would be that peple once they go home feel a whole lot better + teaching them a daily, individualizes routine they can do on a regular day to day basis. It would basically be a positive brain washing machine centre :-)))) So people can become the strongest version of themselves (copyright Elliott Hulse 😉 and kick some a*s in this crazy world.

  6. Ryan Krammes

    Been searching for a new vendor and some noopept spray is a good enough excuse for me.

  7. Gameplay Freaky

    you've tested unifiram?

  8. Freedom Seekers

    great communication – i just received a couple of bottles today 🙂

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