1. TimeNow AndThen

    Love chaga

  2. Cam Selkirk

    DUDE YES! I took Chaga extract with Aniracetam recently felt the effects of the Aniracetam considerably more than usual.  I didn't think much about the interaction until now though so this was an awesome video.  I'd love to see you talk about Cordyceps and Reshi in the future!  Cordyceps is one of my new favorites

  3. Ryan Krammes

    1/2 teaspoon total with equal parts Chaga, Reishi, Lion's Mane, Cordyceps extracts + coffee + 2 sprays nasal Noopept.

  4. Mark Bousquet

    Stacking chaga with aniracetam right this very minute…

  5. Christopher Connelly

    I support all of these efforts, but don’t forget to lift..

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