Play By The Rules, Get Beat By The Game

Recently, I saw a lady on the street, that after pressing the button on the street light for the pedestrian walk indicator, still stood there without crossing the street while the lights continued changing in multiple iterations. She was essentially sitting there, letting the world screw her, because she wanted to believe that working within the parameter of the rules would serve her.

She believed that the system would take care of her. That the algorithm (or whatever) that underlies the pedestrian walk system would work correctly, and give her the opportunity to walk across the street.

Meanwhile, it didn’t, I see this all of the time, and the people that just sit there end up losing out on multiple opportunities to cross the street. This is exactly the point of this video. This woman sat there, playing by the rules, apprehensive to move, and got walked on by the world.

Being an entrepreneur, you have to learn to not play by the rules. You need to learn to notice the opportunity and go for it, but what’s most important to take away from this post is that one has to identify a limiting system in the world, and have the sense to action on operating around it to create an outcome.

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