1. Max Cherry

    The way you describe how you went to sleep paralysed is how I feel every time regardless of sobriety.

  2. Ela

    Finding this narrative the morning after my own overdose from that 1% bulk powder. I compounded the problem by taking it with choline bitartrate, but reading your account I realize I measured mg, not mcg . I know my system is a choline hog, so I thought this would be good .
    12 hours later after almost no sleep, I still feel terrible. Started with mental clarity, but rapidly showed symptoms of overstimulated parasympathetic — massive salivation (tongue feels like a punch card), gut hypermotility, etc.
    Managed not to puke ( kind of need not to because bad kidneys) but came close and was on toilet for ages. Every time I move, it sets things off again..
    I suppose I had some lucid/waking dreams, very bizarre, and all verbal thought went away. Then verbal thought and reasoning returned intensely. But for much of the night my legs and feet were also cramping if I moved a muscle or thought about it. Which distracted from the mentation. This morning my legs are throbbing .
    A friend came to pick me up for something and when I explained I couldn’t go anywhere (getting up to talk to her started it all off again), my speech was all slurred .
    I was thinking anticholinergics to stop this, wish I had atropine or scopalamine. I have some nicotine gum I use occasionally, but it tends to make me nauseous and I was already trying to keep my guts in place. Afraid to put anything in my mouth, I held onto a vial of homeopathic belladonna like a talisman .
    Gosh I hope this is over soon. & guess I need a mcg scale too.

  3. turchin

    I have lucid dreams and sleep paralysis after 400 mcg of huperzine on a pleasant level. 16 mg galantamine also did the trick, but side effects were unpleasant, like grogginess.

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