1. Bhajan Yog

    Hey Ryan, great video!!!
    Any idea on how to increase dopamine reuptake?

  2. Moe G

    Ryan I know they hurt but by the third day it will get better.

  3. Fallon's Fox

    Just got my Cistanche! Can’t wait to try it out. Amazun

  4. Fallon's Fox

    What’s the best way to take Cistanche? A tsp after a meal with cholesterol?

  5. Chris Thomas

    Sounds like 2 scoops of Huel

  6. Sveska

    I am clean keto, and I intermittent fast until lunch on weekdays, and I feel great. It is not easy to maintain, and it is not cheap. The feeling of cutting all sugars, especially refined ones, is a nootropic in itself.

  7. michael adisano

    ​@UC7J168KE1v4YBr8H2noeMbQ question about pssd should someone that is trying to recover with pssd and trying to lose weight is it good idea to lose weight or not

  8. Mr Epic

    Can you confirm if this is the Thunder channel?

  9. Cal Calaman

    🔴 Great video Tem Cortex
    🔵 More science , more nutrition

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