1. DiveShallow

    I see all sorts of high dosages people take on reddit for many nootropics, which has made navigating available information difficult. Based on your personal anecdotal experience, what would be considered low baseline dosages for somebody wanting to try:

    1. Ryan Michael Ballow

      Yea – Reddit makes it difficult. The r/Nootropics is filled with awesome, smart people, but you have to filter out the people 1-2 years into nootropics, who still think high doses of everything are optimal. I have a lot of experience with all of those compounds, so I’d say with L-Tyrosine and Phenylalanine, start at 500MG. I would not take them together, because essentially, they’re doing the same thing, both being precursors to epinephrine, norepinephrine, and dopamine.

      With Aniracetam, I’d start exactly at 700MG. You might have read that you need a choline source with racetams, because racetams (Aniracetam included), force the brain to use up a bit more of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Taking a choline source, replenishes the levels of acetylcholine that Aniracetam will burn. Thus – I’d shoot for 100-300MG of a choline source (either Choline Bitartrate, ALPHA GPC, or CDP Choline).

      1. DiveShallow

        Ideally, at 500mg L-Tyrosine and 700mg Aniracetram, would you suggest
        A) one dosage in morning (studying for MCAT all day every day in my case)
        B) instead cutting that dosage in half and taking at ~9a and again ~2p?

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