1. david42018

    Awesome content as always

  2. Longshadow SHIVE

    I love this stack. I use Phenylpiracetam instead, though. I can’t feel a difference other than Oxiracetam not lasting as long.

  3. Jesse Bottone

    What brand of boron do you take!!! THANKS!!!

  4. Sveska

    Opinion on NOW brand. I have been avoiding it due to believing it was crap. However, many people have been telling me otherwise. Is it typically the best option?

  5. al tar

    Brooo u crazy! 150 moda and 500 oxi?? I'm gonna learn how to fly, or go to afghanistan and find all those fucking terrorists and kill them at the same time daaaamn
    I don't exceed 50mg moda…. What do you call microdosing is good those for me brother….

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