1. A A 90

    11 111 subs!

  2. Ian Baylis

    Ive never had withdrawal symptoms with Fasoracetam but I have experienced what it is like to take too much. I took 2 doses of 40mg and I WAS FEELING GOOD! The next day I took 2 more doses and I felt awful, sad and depressed. Felt like I had caught a bug or something actually…Make sure you figure out the correct dose for you. I have never had withdrawal from phenibut…only had to take 200mg to get a nice calming effect…I really appreciate it though. Phenibut can literally kill stress right away if you take it sublingually.

  3. Ian Baylis

    Also the like to your 'Get the Cortex nootropic stack' is broken. I GET A 404 not found.

  4. UPW IR

    Max is so cute 😍 bring him on every vid from now on.

  5. RealClear Satire

    I think Ryan has the most informative videos aside from one other person from Florida. I've been experimenting with nootropics for several months now, often using Ryan's videos to research. So, at some point I had to reward with him business in return. The current Christmas offer was enticing enough to give Cortex a try. I know I should try cortex alone from comments I read, but I still need other Nootropics to manage depression–8 years of Obama messed me up. So, I'll probably stick with Ashwagandha, Mucuna Pruriens (L-Dopa), Kratom, Phenibut and Tianeptine. I will also invest in Fasoracetam based on one of Ryan's videos and Ian's comment below to enhance the phenibut. I'd also like to get my hands on LSD and magic mushrooms as a good laugh at things that aren't really there can lift one's spirts.

  6. LalObeAts

    L-theanine, alpha gpc, sulbutamine, vinpocetine, cbd oil. Just ordered these on amazon does this sound like a good stack to you guys?
    Also might add the nac nootropic..

  7. jhmm gf

    Do you believe cycling between dopaminergic and cholinergic compounds is a smart idea?like take dopaminergic stuff for 5 days a week and then on the weekend racetams with alcar and choline etc

  8. Devin Nunn

    Would it be good to just try fasoracetam by itself? I’m 9 months clean off of Klonopin but have returned back to my original state of generalized anxiety disorder. I don’t want anything to make me feel high, I just want to feel normal. I’m new to nootropics and have read tons of reviews on this stuff, but, would still like some feedback or suggestions. I’ve tried store bought supplements like magnesium, fish oil, and l theanine but nothing seems to even scratch the surface of how I’m feeling. After experiencing about a month of withdrawal of Klonopin, I definitely don’t want to consume anything that could be potentially addictive or cause a physical dependency. I appreciate any response from anyone with experience with this stuff as I’ve been on the fence about it the past 2 days.

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