1. 18ceasar

    Gandalf the Grey. Good luck in 2018. And have fun

  2. Cormac Crisp

    L-Tyrosine was the first nootropic I tried. I used it to combat my inattentive add.

  3. Francisco Silva

    Hi Ryan, so it´s fine taking L-tyrosine every day? And what´s the difference between l-tyrosine and sulbutiamine? For example, if i´m taking l-tyrosine i dont need to take sulbutiamine? For my research both nootropics works on lack of energy.

  4. Aldo Raine

    Theacrine vs tyrosine? For morning motivation. Or simply more powerful?

  5. Arlan Bruno

    Hurpizine a vs bacopa monnieri?

  6. Joel Mitchell

    I've shied away from this one in the past because it seems to be the prime ingredient in multi-stacks suffering from people with thyroid issues, of which I seem to have none, so I guess my narrow mind thought that's what it was for. … Speaking of those, just look at what they put in these thryroid stacks! — https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01EYXJPAO/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1
    Thryroid issues or not, that's some good stuff in there, like a decent multi-vitamin.

  7. Matt White

    Just dropping this here: most functional medicine Drs and Amino Acid Therapy therapists recommend low dose (like 50mg or 100mg) 5-HTP along with the tyrosine (or NALT), since supplementing with dopamine precursors increase an enzyme called AADC which metabolizes both dopamine AND serotonin. Providing more of one end in the equation (dopamine or serotonin) you can create mild symptoms of depletion of the other due to increasing its rate of activity. So for NALT / Tyrosine, the Ratio is like 10:1, 500mg Tyrosine to 50mg 5-HTP… Basically to avoid depression with long-term daily use. It happens, and it has to me. Ryan I know you did a video on this recently and your strategy is probably good too with boosting up the gut biome population to produce more serotonin. But I’d still err-on the side of caution and use 5-HTP bc that day it hits you, you’re easily in a bad place instantly, and it’s hard to break out of/ rebuild back up the serotonin which requires days of 5-HTP use, meanwhile trying to still maintain energy levels with the other half. Note: I take Tyrosine every other day before workouts, and add in the 5-HTP, and of course b6 (p5p) which is a MUST for neurotransmitter synthesis, but I think most ppl know that. This is my caffeine replacement for giving it up over a year ago (never going back, it’s a dependency not worth the trouble or adrenal fatigue worsening). ps anyone else looking for additional energy, check out SAM-e as something to use sparingly for a norepi boost. Stacks well with both 5-HTP and Tyrosine.

  8. Gunter Severloh

    I find the cortex a bit expensive for what you get, if you filled the bottle so i can have a months worth, i'd buy it again, so really im spending almost $70 for a bottle a month on this because for $34 + shipping your only getting half a months worth. WTF
    No thanks, product does work just to much.
    On another note, be sure to take LTyrosine with B6.

  9. Alucard Lledroc

    My understanding is, according to the Book "Healing ADD" by Daniel G Amen M.D. its a must to stack 5-HTP with L-Tyrosine, they balance each other out. Tyrosine can put a drain on serotonin and 5-HTp can drain on dopamine, therefor they must be taken together.Though the 5-HTP may not be required everyday due to its lasting effects, so every other day is doable for HTP. My question is…..is this information dated and Daniel G Amen was off or not?

  10. Jeremee Tyler

    Gotta show some love to Ryan. Dude's been instrumental in guidance with L Tyrosine and Theanine guidance. Blessed to have come across the Cortex.

  11. Håkon Martin Nilsen Bjerke

    Does amino acids work better on an empty stomach?


    Plz make video on Tianeptine as a nootropic

  13. Matt Urso

    @Cortex Labs Nootropics Channel

    How/when do you take Tyrosine?

  14. DR OTO.

    It would be interesting to know all the ASSHOLES who decided to dislike your content bro! – I am telling you,give it a 24-60 month timeline & you will have the most subscribed channel on here! GREAT STUFF KEEP IT COMING!

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