1. Anne Moonglow

    great tips. still using your advice re: small amounts of active ingredients couched in large amounts of nutrients. things like spirulina, maca, brewer yeast, different numbers of 'superfoods' in pretty high doses, bcomplex, etc and small doses of active ingredients. makes for a very mellow/balanced experience super great advice thanks. im way below baseline & just doing repair.. so this helps.

  2. Alex Salvatore

    Bruh, I enjoyed the video (and all your vids), but am downvoting cause this should be phrased "WHERE I wasted my time with nootropics", instead of this clickbait.

  3. silvershroud33

    What's a good strategy for repleting dopamine pool after using too much caffeine too consistently. Like the person said about the day after using modafanil. I also feel like crap after too much dopamine has been forced to be released from high doses of caffeine consistently.

  4. KaiTheGuy

    I am having some of these issues currently, and am trying to be more mindful with rest days, and other restorative noots or supplements. Just bought L-tyrosine since I am prescribed generic ADHD meds and noticed a decline in functionality over the course of time. Also does Uradine help potentiate and regulate stims?

  5. Nathaniel Day

    Awesome video again 🙂 thanks

  6. TMC Miz

    What is this so called "the pool"? Sounds like a place that stores extra neurotransmitters? Tried looking it up but couldn't find much.

  7. Corey Theisen

    U burned ur brain out using them so much. Too much dopamine shuts down gaba and serotion

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