1. Ian Baylis

    For me Cortex helped me compartmentalize the fear i had. Colouracetam made me not care…it actually made me angry at the thing i was scared of (made me angry at everything though) Fascoracetam i think worked the most against fear along with Cortex. I would say combine cortex which gives focus fascoracetam for calmness and the slowing down of negative thoughts with coffee or oxiracetam for mental energy. It worked for me.

  2. Will 88mph

    Meditate with Headspace and take a balanced salt Sole. Use pink Himalayan salt. Cortex is decent

  3. David King

    How many nootropics am I going to have to take to make me smart enough to learn all there is about nootropics and have the verbal fluency to rant to everybody I talk to about nootropics so that they may do the same? 🤔

  4. Zerk

    Have you ever tried the Hordenine and PEA combo? If so what was your experience?

  5. Jack Gray

    Is it possible for me to send you a sample of a nootropic that I bought in order to test it's legitimacy? I purchased 250mg capsules of centrophenoxine. I would like to know if this may be a plecibo or caffeine, or some other substance other than centrophenoxine.

  6. TimeNow AndThen

    the best topic man you rock, thank you!! 🙂

  7. MistahBlunt

    You are like the nootropic sensei your the guy I always go to when researching nootropics.

  8. starchild

    where do u buy ur nootropics man n shit??? help a nigga out

  9. Chris

    If you would "chill out" with the music, I would watch your vids.. Music is vibes, and this music, is aggressive fear driven not so relaxed and peaceful vibes =) Peace

  10. cyber punk

    How did the date go Ryan? Are you still seeing her now? 😉 🙂

  11. cody cooper

    Yo Ryan i ordered your Cortex gen 1 (it will be here tomorrow) and i was wondering what to stack it with for absolute awesomeness. I have aniracetam and phenylpiracetam and 100mg caffeine 200 mg theanine caps, 100mg theanine caps, ashwaganda, maca, and ALA, EPA, DHA. GIve me the low down short round if you got the time, what should i do for total motivation/focus/creativity?

  12. Mina30000000

    The intro music is so over the top I laugh every time lol

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