1. Kaylyn Elise


  2. Al El

    Have you ever tried C16(PKRi)?

  3. Myke Litorus

    with the severe TBI that I deal with every moment of every day, nerve growth factor has been my main research subject.
    Avoiding things like dementia and alzheimers as well as increasing neurogenesis has been goal number one from the beginning of my health journey.
    I am so incredibly excited to hear that you are working on a stack that centers around that and I would love to be a part of it if there is any way I could assist.
    I still havent been able to get in contact with you aside from a few convorsations in youtube comments and I think maybe one or two short talks in facebook comments. It sort of feels like a really bad game of phone tag but I havent stopped trying. I am very serious about all of this because of how big of a role it plays in my future specifically.

  4. Amit Promise

    Uridine is proven to cause cancer, why is it included in the correx stack?.

  5. Irra TV

    Man I just got back my internet and I was going to buy a bottle and I'm 2 days late for the free bottle.. please please Ryan can I get another code to get a free bottle with the purchase of a bottle. man if you can it would be great. I will buy one either way man. blessing and peace.

  6. Shane Thorn

    Okay, Ryan, here's the ngf stack, which should only be taken before bed.
    Vitamin A 500mcg.|
    Vitamin D 1000 UI.|
    Xanthohumol 300-500mg.|
    (>6% triterpene) water/alcohol extract of Red Reishi mushroom (it's better than Lion's mane) 400-1000mg.|
    DHA 800mg+CDP-choline 300mg+uridine 50mg.|
    ALCAR 400mg.|
    Lithium orotate 7mg.|
    Sodium butyrate 200mg.|
    Idebenone or CoQ10 5mg?|
    7,8 Dihydroxyflavone 20mg.|All of these have been tested and most of should pass the blood-brain barrier

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