1. Ryan Krammes

    Nice! My wife gets a lot of benefit from Ashwagandha. Personally, I get more out of Rhodiola.

  2. Xrx1982

    Hi ryan can you do video about nootropics for day trading please

  3. Cam Selkirk

    Excellent stack, I have only tried it with CDP choline in place of AGPC but have had awesome results. Calm, cool and collected.

  4. Georgina Moss

    Had a similar stack this morning, but added a low dose of oxiracetam and a large cup of coffee. I only got about 3 hours of sleep last night, but was able to sit through my 4 hour lecture today with complete mental clarity and focus. One of the best results I've ever had from a stack!

  5. Oliver

    What if I have a pre-made alpha GPC supplement at 300mg?

  6. Χριστος Ασβεστης

    i ve done it without the GPC and some caffeine today .. it was a cool effect. stimulated but steady. warm but still. i have ADD so thats how i describe "normal" behaviour.. 🙂 great for convos and thinking at your feet. improved my motivation significantly..

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