1. nicolasap86

    Mild Panic Attack. My exact thoughts

  2. Newer Account

    Funny that this is mentioned, I am taking 800-1500 mg of phenibut 2 days every 7-14 days and in the second day the last 2 times I have a strange feeling in my head and hear a weird sound and have feelt some type of fluid or air leak out of my ear… best way I can describe it I haven’t had it since last weekend and don’t plan to take it for awhile…. is phenibut reacting badly taken with suboxone… I’m not sure what all are Sri and maoi and all that

  3. Newer Account

    I’m afraid to take cortex while on my prescription suboxone as I’m not certain if anything in there will react negatively with my suboxone.
    I take it for pain so NOT taking the sub isn’t an option

  4. Jon

    I thought it was in your daily stack from your daily stack vid

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