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Cortex is the world’s strongest brain performance enhancement supplement, used by the United States Army, business professionals, and productive people all around the world. It targets mental clarity, energy, focus, motivation, productivity, and verbal fluency. Purchase the Cortex product and have powerful brain performance shipped to your doorstep in 1-3 days.

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Ingredients + Science

Working memory + verbal fluency

Uridine Monophosphate:

Uridine Monophosphate is a nootropic in and of itself. There are several studies that demonstrate increased cognitive ability in rodents when the combination of Choline, Uridine, and DHA is administered. Uridine and CDP Choline as a nootropic stack enhance the brain’s capacity to form cell membranesas well as improving the functionality of a major neurotransmitter called Acetylcholine. There is also evidence to suggest that Uridine monophosphate has the capacity to increase dopamine release.

Uridine also enhances neurite outgrowth in the brain, which facilitates the production of nerve growth factor. Combined with the rest of the components in the Cortex nootropic stack, Uridine monophosphate delivers a powerful mental integration effect that is second to none.

CDP Choline

CDP Choline (Cytidine’5 diphosphocholine), is both a precursor to Acetylcholine, and Uridine in the brain. Through a process called the “Kennedy Cycle,” CDP Choline facilitates the production of phosphatidylcholine, the most pervasive phosphatide in the brain, and the primary component of neuronal cell membranes. This translates to a much more fluid brain when being influenced by this chemical, and the Cortex nootropic stack. It also increases the amount of dopamine released from a stimulated neuron. Dopamine is thought to be largely related to motivation, so while the CDP Choline provides raw horsepower to the processing of your brain, it is also thought to fuel natural motivation. CDP Choline is a solid addition to our nootropic stack, and provides neurotransmitter power to catapult your brain to new levels of functionality.

Intense focus, motivation, and drive

Mental energy, and concentration

Artichoke Extract

Artichoke extract has taken the nootropic world by storm over the last few years because of its uncanny ability to promote focus and memory. It is thought to do this via the mechanism of inhibiting an enzyme in the brain that breaks down cAMP (Cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate) called PDE4. PDE4 inhibitors, thus, are thought to facilitate the brain’s memory functionality, and what’s called “long term potentiation.” This translates to better memory, and better cognitive focus. Additionally, as it turns out, Luteolin, a component in artichoke extract, has the ability to induce neurite outgrowth, giving it a great synergy with the Uridine, CDP, and Bacopa in our nootropic stack.

Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa Monnieri is one of the oldest nootropic compounds known to modern society. It is both a powerful adaptogenic herb, which means it helps the body deal with stress better, thus has cognitive promoting effects, and is neuro-protective in a variety of ways, ranging from reducing the functioning of beta amyloid plaques that develop during Alzheimer’s disease, and by restraining intracellular oxidative stress. Bacopa also helps springboard memory formation via dendritic enhancement. Bacopa exerts its effects on the long term, so the longer you consume it, the more it operates positively on improving brain performance.

Adaptogenic stress inhibition

Notable Cortex Reviews

Corby Tyler Vinson – 3 Time US Army Combat Veteran

Cortex completely rocked my world. I remember taking it on a day where I just felt off. My brain wasn’t up to par at all, and I have a lot of responsibilities to engage daily at my civilian job. I took 1 serving of Cortex Gen 1 and within about 30 minutes, I found myself effortlessly flowing through a myriad of tasks I needed to get done. The mental energy I had was nothing short of amazing, and my ability to stay on task, and remain focused throughout my day was pretty impressive.

Bijanh Rodriguez – Real Estate Entrepreneur and Nootropic Experimenter

Taking Cortex Gen 1 allowed me to effortlessly be as eloquent as I’ve ever been, on a number of calls I was on with clients. When taking Cortex, I don’t have to sift through my brain to find the right words to explain something; they’re just there. It’s a great experience not having to search for the right way to say something, and has given me the advantage in business negotiations. The Cortex nootropic stack has also given me the ability to sit down and focus for long periods of time, without even so far as a minor inclination to deviate off course. I will be a regular buyer!

Kirst Drumbach – Professional Hacker

When I sit down to code for hours, I usually throw down a few energy drinks, and rely on caffeine to take me through the work that I need to get done. In other cases, I’ll take Modafinil to really help to get some endurance out of the night but with Cortex, I don’t need any of that, and the energy I get from it is much cleaner than either of those. I can take a serving of the Cortex nootropic stack at 9PM, and be working solid, through the night, until 2-3AM. And the outcome is always better than I expected. Cortex both gets the gears going and makes them work more efficiently. I’m convinced.

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 29 reviews
Able to work past 6!

I'm pretty beat down by about 4-5PM everyday. I work as an admin at a Law firm and often have work to do later into the evening a few nights per week, but haven't had the energy to work on any of it. This product keeps me sharp between 5-8PM. This is a big deal!

Lasts a while

I like the stack alot. I normally take Aniracetam every few hours. This stack lasts about 5-6. I can dig it Ryan! Only drawback is price.

by Stacy Mirks on Cortex Generation 1
Definitely interesting

I'm giving this 4 stars because I felt a bit over stimulated for the first hour. After that wore off, I had a clean focus and lots of mental energy for about 5 hours. Maybe i'm sensitive to it but I don't know. Overall did what it was supposed to do.

by Dave Cook on Cortex Generation 1
Cortex Review

I used Cortex before I did my morning workouts and as I would walk into the gym to start off my sessions, I was absolutely dialed-in mentally. And with that mindset, I was able to better concentrate throughout my workout and thus each session in the gym was more productive for me. No matter how long I trained for, my mental clarity was on point and that allowed me to push through the pain barriers and train with full intensity for the entire time. I go to the gym each morning at 5am before I go to work for the day and I have a finance job where I'm underwriting financial statements and making credit decisions for my clients. And once my workouts were over, I felt like my mind was still in high-gear for the rest of the work day. I felt more productive at work and there were no mental crashes or anything to report later on during the day.


I am one of those people that tries everything and most of the time I feel nothing. That wasn't the case with Cortex. The stuff worked so well that I gave some to my wife. Well, that was a mistake because she loved it and I soon ran out. I ordered two more bottles and I am as impressed with the product as I am with the incredible customer service and fast shipping. Thank you for making such an amazing product!

by Ellie Garr on Cortex Generation 1
Keeping up in class

Two of these and I can finally keep up with my professor in class lol. But really. I'm retaining a lot more information while on Cortex. It's a noticeable difference. Mental speed seems to be enhanced as well. I was a bit skeptical at first but I'm sold on it now. Good spend folks.

by Ash Benson on Cortex Generation 1
Verbal fluency!!

This supplement actually works! I usually have a hard time coming up with the right thing to say and this Cortex supplement somehow makes my brain able to find the right words without trying. I've tried lots of other nootropics. Piracetam and Aniracetam, and the effects were a lot more subtle than Cortex. I mix this with morning coffee and I'm set for the day

by Kelly Fairhurst on Cortex Generation 1
Replaced caffeine

I replaced my morning coffee with this stuff! My only qualm is that I spend more with Cortex than I did with Coffee. But I'm a lot more productive at work and oddly more outgoing.

by Herosha on Cortex Generation 1
First time nootropics!

I tried Aniracetam recently and didn't notice anything. I almost gave up on smart drugs but this Cortex stack is definitely noticeable. Not like coffee, just puts me in a productivity mode where I can get a lot of things done. Took me out of a slump! Will buy another bottle

by Jens Hartman on Cortex Generation 1
Had the energy

I took the stack at 10AM and within about 40 minutes I finally had the mental energy to tackle a bunch of work related tasks I had been putting off. This is like a productivity supplement. Words flow a lot smoother too. Really enjoyed it.

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