1. Jesper

    Modafinil does wonders on its own if you find your proper dose. I dont understand why anyone would have to stack it with anything at all. I dont even need caffeine when I take it. Modafinil is already such a strong nootropic itself.

  2. Monix CM

    Why does YouTube glitch out on your videos?

  3. Stichting NoFap

    Last time I took modafinil + phenylpiracetam I got a headache after each set of my workout, even with alpha gpc. Maybe more choline?

  4. Louie M

    How did you find out what which nootropic to stack with? did you try one nootropic for a week then switch out for other one? My doctor gave me 100mg of modafinil but I stacked it with noopept 10mg. I take it about 2 hours later after taking my modafinil. How how should i stick with noopept before trying other nootropic? One other thing since I'm going with noopept how many time should I take it threw out the day? Is once good or a twice a day or even 3 times a day? I need it for focus and working memory, plus recalling information when taking exam. Let me know when you have a moment.

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