1. Michael Doubleday

    Love these videos! Keep up the Great Work Ryan 🙂

  2. capgains

    Anyone try concerta?

  3. Adam Walker

    Can you take Cortex with adderall or any add/adhd meds?

  4. Stephanie

    RMB: Love the videos! I've been listening for months, but could i ask a favor? The intro is always super loud, like i need to rip my earbuds out quickly or go deaf! LMAO! Not trying to give you a hard time, I wasn't sure if you knew. Thanks!

  5. Leon Willett

    Right now I'm on 100mg modafinil + coffee twice per day. Obviously this is a strong combo, but it's right given that I am starting a company. How would you say this compares to your Cortex satck? I'm assuming your cortex is way more mellow.

  6. jeremymarchand46

    What's the great stack for Verbal fluency working memory and cognitive insurance


    Can you take ltheanine with uridine and aniracitam

  8. keenoo

    can you talk about your thoughts on kratom as a nootropic and/or a sleep aid?

  9. Julian Greer

    What if I stack it with Sulbutiamine but need to cycle the Sulbutiamine?

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