Adrafinil REVIEW – Unobstructed Wakefulness, Experiences and More

header_adrafinilAdrafinl is a precursor to the almighty smart drug Modafinil. It’s a legal alternative to Modafinil and is 100% lawful to possess and purchase the substance in the USA, and many other countries.

One Adrafinil is administered, it will get converted in the human liver to the drug Modafinil, where the user will start to experience its nootropic effects.

A lot of my friends in the nootropics community have talked this compound up for quite some time. I know people who take it regularly, I know folks who take it sparingly, and I know folks that use it surgically in certain situations to have razor sharp brain function to perform well.

Well – I finally gave it a shot. I bought 10 grams of Adrafinil powder (from Powder City), concocted a 150MG dose, which is the equivalent of 50MG of Modafinil, capsuled it and threw it down.

My experience thereafter was nothing short of amazing, and I’ll lay it all out in this video, along with a few other important pieces of information:

  1. The template for converting your Adrafinil dosage to your targeted Modafinil MG quantity is: Targeted Modafinil quantity X 3 = Adrafinil MG dosage. My target Modafinil MG quantity was: 50MG.
    Therefore, my Adrafinil MG quantity was 150MG (50 X 3)
  2. The onset and feeling at 35 minutes after administration.
  3. The full onset and intensified feeling at 1 hour in.
  4. My full review of it on Reddit, in r/Afinil.
  5. How Adrafinil effected my functionality while running my business.
  6. How Adrafinil is a GREAT CHOICE for the mental stamina to run a startup.
  7. Whether or not there were any side effects or anxiety.
  8. What the drop off/exfil was like.
  9. How I just snagged a bottle of nasal Noopept spray from a company called Limitless Life Nootropics, and I’m syked to try it. (video coming)
  10. And more!

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