1. Chaz Evans

    This video was super hot baby

    1. Ryan Ballow Post author

      You crazyy boo.

  2. Leon Willett

    what's the diference between modafinil and the racetams?

    1. Ryan Ballow Post author

      Primarily the mechanisms. Racetams work by forcing the brain to release more acetylcholine (neurotransmitter), and Modafinil works by facilitating these sleep inhibiting peptides, as well as modifying GABA and increasing dopamine concentrations.

  3. drednac

    That's a daily dose or I can take that in two doses like morning and noon ?

    1. Ryan Ballow Post author

      For most folks, it’s best taken once.

  4. RealClear Satire

    I thought Max was my cat meowing and was about to throw a fit that he was in the house at this hour!

    1. Ryan Ballow Post author

      Hahha! Love it!

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