1. Jeremee Tyler

    Hi Ryan, my name is Jeremee Tyler. I sent you an e-mail, if by chance you have time to respond; that would be awesome man. Thanks so much – for all the awesome videos & guidance, that you provide us with. I'll definitely be checking out the podcast!!

  2. FoundationsofPause

    Cortex arrived today, took 2 around 4pm and I did notice a difference! Day 1 impressions are impressed. Alpha Brain (how I found Cortex) did not turn me up enough to make me feel like I'm working while on a strong coffee or something, this actually kinda did even on day1 attempt. Difficult to give an honest opinion the same way of the alpha brain after only 1 day, after months of using that I mainly noticed it improved my sleep.

    One concern is the price point for 30 Cortex capsules, 60 capsules for around $38 feels like a better bottle. Current $27 for 30 caps is on point right now though, thanks.

  3. Chris_Digi-Wunderland

    Great video, i like the whole presentation with the graphics, sound and so on. Highlight is when you wear the Superman Shirt as you probably know and have probably been told multiple times 🙂 Good insight about whats going on in your brain when you are anxious and more busy about what others think about you. Thats a Modus where you cannot do anything productive or have fun. Since that can have multiple reasons there is no other way than making experiences with Nootropics and other helpful tools. There is no way around. And i think its meant that way in a spiritual sense. Its not meant to running to a doctor and getting the picture perfect solution. And in reality, experience shows that, it just doesnt not work this way.

  4. michael stuchiner

    This is a wonderful video. As a Master Herbalist i wish to comment on Valerian. You can actually get 2 effects from Valerian based on the form you use. Valerian has both sedative and mild neurostimulation effect depending on the drying, extracting and fermenting process or if it is fresh. Each process will express specific phytochemical's which in turn, allow you to feel specific effects in a stronger manner.

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