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Cortex is the world’s strongest brain performance enhancement supplement, used by the United States Army, business professionals, and productive people all around the world. It targets mental clarity, energy, focus, motivation, productivity, and verbal fluency. Purchase the Cortex product and have powerful brain performance shipped to your doorstep in 1-3 days.

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Ingredients + Science

Working memory + verbal fluency

Uridine Monophosphate

One of the most powerful ingredients in our formula is Uridine Monophosphate. We wanted both the uniqueness and the raw horse power of this amazing ingredient in our Nootropic Stack. Being both a facilitator of the synthesis of Phosphaditylcholine, a major component of the cell membrane of the brain's neurons, and an aid in synaptic functioning of the brain, Uridine Monophosphate is a nootropic in and of itself.

Uridine Monophosphate has been shown to influence what's called "neurite growth" in the human brain. Neurites are projections from brain neurons, which can either be axons or dendrites. The brain becomes functionally better by branching neurons together, through these axons and dendrites. Combined with CDP-Choline, Uridine has the potential to increase brain phosphatidylcholine in a major way, and facilitate great brain functioning that results in improved focus, mental energy, and working memory.

Brahmi (Bacopa Monnieri)

Brahmi is one of the most well known, and historically relevant nootropics known to man. The significance of this nootropic stems from the class of medicine called "Ayurveda," with historical roots in the Indian subcontinent. Specifically, Brahmi packs a powerful punch being an adaptogen (a compound that helps the body adapt to stress), a cognitive support mechanism by way of reducing anxiety, and a facilitator of memory formation.

In addition to its powerful memory enhancing effects, Brahmi has been shown to mildly effect Acetylcholine levels, increasing them, creating a great synergy with the Uridine Monophosphate, and CDP Choline in our stack. Astonishingly, it has also been proven as an agent of neuro-protection (section 3.9), reducing oxidative damage from aluminum, mercury and others, and preventing cognitive ion overloads.

But perhaps the most significant factor in Brahmi's arsenal is the fact that it's neuro-anti-inflammatory, and may exert an anti neurological aging effect as a result of what are called "bacosides." That's pretty impressive, for an herbal compound. It has both acute, and long term positive effects on brain function, and goes well with the other elements in the Cortex Nootropic stack.

Adaptogenic stress inhibition

Mental energy + concentration

Artichoke Extract

This nutrient has taken the nootropic world by storm over the last few years. Mixed with Forskolin, it's purported to be one of the strongest nootropics there is. But we found something interesting out: It's extremely synergistic with the rest of our stack, particularly the nutrients that work on the Cholinergic system of the brain.

The main proposed mechanism of action is the inhibition of an enzyme in the brain that breaks down cyclic adenosine monophosphate, or cAMP, called PDE4. It is thought that more cAMP in the brain promotes a state of focus and energy. But the interesting part about Artichoke extract is that Luteolin, a major component of AE, has been shown to induce neurite outgrowth. The rest of this stack, particularly the Uridine monophosphate, is also targeted at inducing neurite outgrowth. This partially is likely responsible for the synergy in the stack between these ingredients, and the beneficial reported effects from the Cortex beta testers.

And here's the great part: It doesn't need to be stacked with Forskolin to get the major benefits. Artichoke Extract is a nootropic in its own right, and synergizes well with the rest of the Cortex nootropic stack.

CDP Choline

The Cortex Gen 1 stack focuses on enhancing the building and synthesis of the neurotransmitter Acetylcholine. A major constituent and extremely bioavailable precursor to this neurotransmitter is CDP Choline. But that isn't what's really important here. The significance of this nutrient, is it's role in creating phosphatidylcholine, a major component of the cell membranes of the neurons in the human brain. The science points to the major benefits of combining Uridine Monophosphate with CDP Choline, which improves the synthesis of CDP Choline in the brain, which is the immediate precursor to phosphatidylcholine.

The major revelation that we had in creating this stack, is that Uridine and CDP-Choline, while interesting nootropics in and of themselves, create an intense nootropic experience when put together in a nootropic stack. It is thought that the combination of Uridine Monophosphate, and CDP-Choline, help increase both Nerve Growth Factor, and boost levels of brain phosphatidylcholine, and important element of the neuron's cell membrane.

Intense focus + motivation

What You Can Expect From The Cortex Nootropic Stack

Speed Of Processing

You can sum up some of the most powerful effects of this Nootropic stack in one word: Speed. There is no denying, in all of the people who have tried Cortex Gen 1, that speed of mental processing and enhancement in verbal fluency are major benefits of this stack.

Originating from the feedback of some of the first samplers of Cortex, we believe there is a type of neuronal fluidity taking place that is making this speed of processing possible. The number one report in this regard about Cortex is a striking increase in performance in the ability to form sentences, deliver speech and access words with extreme ease, as well as retrieve important information from long term and working memory. It's as if all of these functions become effortless and smooth while Cortex does its work. We are heavily researching the exact mechanisms of this phenomenon, and are working on getting some detailed scientific studies to back what anecdotally, we already know.

Motivation and Mental Energy

This stack was designed with performance in mind. The real workhorses of this nootropic stack, Uridine monophosphate and CDP Choline, provide an exceptionally smooth amount of mental energy in users. The dopamine effect from both of these compounds provides an extremely motivating response that can help users get right to work on engaging in the things that matter.

Great nootropic stacks should provide the brain with the raw materials it needs to engage in productive work. Mental energy and motivation are predictable byproducts of supplying the brain with such materials, and in this context, Cortex generation 1 delivers. Our early adopters and regular customers can attest to motivation and mental energy the Cortex Gen 1 stack delivers.

Focus Endurance And Memory

Another standout effect that users of Cortex report is what can be called focus endurance. Normally, focus is quite finite. You might be able to sit down for a half hour to an hour and give your undivided attention to a task.

Focusing is a vital part of the human experience. It allows us to be in the moment. It allows us to put forth 100% of our efforts into a worthwhile task to be the effective entrepreneurs, executives, and elite achievers we all want to be. The ingredients in cortex help facilitate the ability to focus for long sessions at a time, without losing your mental stamina.

The Cortex Gen 1 nootropic also delivers a powerful short term and working memory effect that appears consistent in all of the early adopters/test subjects we've used to sample the product. It is also hypothesized that the increase in neurite growth and optimization of the brain chemical Acetylcholine, facilitated by all 4 of the chemicals in this nootropic stack, are responsible for these powerful effects.

Customer Reviews on the Cortex Stack

Oil rigging

I might be a different customer for nootropics. I'm not a corporate worker or business person. I never heard of nootropics before watching one of Ryan's videos on Youtube, but I work long hours at an oil rig and I've been making silly mistakes as of the last year. I started taking this cortex thing and the mistakes are just gone. I'm on point, out performing my younger self, and have a lot of mental energy throughout the day. I actually feel smarter lol. Great job guys!!

Able to work past 6!

I'm pretty beat down by about 4-5PM everyday. I work as an admin at a Law firm and often have work to do later into the evening a few nights per week, but haven't had the energy to work on any of it. This product keeps me sharp between 5-8PM. This is a big deal!

Lasts a while

I like the stack alot. I normally take Aniracetam every few hours. This stack lasts about 5-6. I can dig it Ryan! Only drawback is price.

by Stacy Mirks on Cortex Generation 1
Definitely interesting

I'm giving this 4 stars because I felt a bit over stimulated for the first hour. After that wore off, I had a clean focus and lots of mental energy for about 5 hours. Maybe i'm sensitive to it but I don't know. Overall did what it was supposed to do.

by Dave Cook on Cortex Generation 1
Cortex Review

I used Cortex before I did my morning workouts and as I would walk into the gym to start off my sessions, I was absolutely dialed-in mentally. And with that mindset, I was able to better concentrate throughout my workout and thus each session in the gym was more productive for me. No matter how long I trained for, my mental clarity was on point and that allowed me to push through the pain barriers and train with full intensity for the entire time. I go to the gym each morning at 5am before I go to work for the day and I have a finance job where I'm underwriting financial statements and making credit decisions for my clients. And once my workouts were over, I felt like my mind was still in high-gear for the rest of the work day. I felt more productive at work and there were no mental crashes or anything to report later on during the day.

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