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Welcome to Cortex Labs. We are the manufacturers of the globally used powerful nootropic stack, Cortex, and the creators of the Smarter Better Faster nootropics guide.

The Racetam God Guide Nootropics book

The Racetam God Guide

This is the most powerful, instructional, nootropic Racetam stack ridden digital book (downloadable NOW via iPad/iPhone/Kindle/Android/Tablet/PDF), that lays out sublingual and oral stacks, dose ranges, mechanisms, and instructions on:

  1. Aniracetam
  2. Oxiracetam
  3. Piracetam
  4. Pramiracetam
  5. Phenylpiracetam
  6. Nefiracetam
  7. Fasoracetam
  8. Coluracetam

The Racetam nootropics book is digital, 100% downloadable, and packs a powerful, informative, nootropic stack ridden punch. We break down how to sublingually (under the tongue) dose all the major racetams, and we then lay out a comprehensive list of powerful oral Racetam nootropic stacks that are specific for particular brain states.

The Racetam God Guide is the most highly sought after, Racetam nootropics instructional guides on the web. Get your copy now!! And download the digital book, and start getting POWERFUL STACKS!

The Cortex nootropic stack

The Cortex nootropic stack is our signature, powerful nootropic product that combines four powerful nootropic ingredients:

  1. Uridine monophosphate
  2. CDP Choline
  3. Artichoke Extract
  4. Bacopa Monnieri

The combination of these compounds forms what’s being called “the world’s most powerful nootropic stack,” by our customers, and is said to deliver a nootropic experience of mental energy, focus, verbal fluency, and significant mental performance. Cortex is used by day traders, corporate professionals, business entrepreneurs, nootropics experimenters, and everyone in between. We have users across the globe, from California, to South Korea, to Australia, to the U.K.

The best nootropics blog on the planet

We’ve build something special here, at the Cortex nootropics and performance enhancement blog. We’ve got the most comprehensive nootropics and performance blog on the planet. We cover most known nootropics compounds on the blog, from:

  1. Modafinil
  2. Theacrine
  3. Oxiracetam
  4. Aniracetam
  5. Coluracetam
  6. Adrafinil
  7. Noopept
  8. CDP Choline
  9. Uridine monophosphate
  10. Alpha GPC
  11. Pre-made stacks
  12. Phenibut

To everything else in between!

Smarter Better Faster Nootropics Digital Guide

Smarter Better Faster Nootropics book

The book the nootropics community has been waiting for! Smarter Better Faster is a surgical guide to using nootropics for total mental dominance. We put a nootropics protocol book together for those looking for powerful nootropic stacks, that are fed up with the disparate nootropics information on the web, and want the best nootropic stacks put together in one place.

The book covers:

  1. Nootropics primer
  2. Who takes nootropics
  3. Which chemicals nootropics affect
  4. Oxiracetam, Aniracetam, Coluracetam, Piracetam, Phenylpiracetam
  5. Noopept and related stacks
  6. Uridine monophosphate
  7. ALCAR stacks
  8. ALCAR Racetam stacks
  9. Modafinil
  10. Adrafinil
  11. Armodafinil
  12. Microdosing protocols
  13. Caffeine/Theanine
  14. TONS MORE!!

Cortex Nootropics YouTube Channel

Not only do we have the best nootropics blog on the planet, but we also have the best nootropics YouTube channel on the web! Our videos cover all ranges of topics around nootropics, from doses, to mechanisms, to stacking. We discuss all the major racetams, afinils, acetylcholine precursors, dopamine affecting nootropics, GABAergic nootropics, and more. This is the most comprehensive, informative nootropics YouTube channel on the web.

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Nootropics consult/stack optimization


SKU: 65consult


Let’s get you the Best nootropic stack for your brain

This consult package allows us to help you formulate the best nootropic stack ingredients and quantities for your brain. It includes:

  1. 1 Skype audio OR video call (whichever you choose).
  2. Within that call, 40 minutes of my time to consult you on stack suggestions.
  3. 15 follow up email correspondences, to OPTIMIZE YOUR STACK.

Simply order the consult package, pay the $65.00 fee, and RYAN will be in contact with you personally, to set up your audio/video call for the consult.

With this package, Ryan will help you CREATE/REFINE/OPTIMIZE your nootropic stack, and get your brain firing on all cylinders. We will help you refine:

  1. Nootropic ingredients that work BEST for you
  2. The most optimal doses for mental performance
  3. How to cycle on and off of nootropics for the best use
  4. Questions you have relating to your stack/nootropics/brain performance
  5. Whatever else comes up!

You’ve got 40 minutes of my time, and 15 follow up email correspondences to help you refine your nootropic stacks and get the best effects from them, to foster exceptional brain performance.

Nootropic stack consult/optimization

Need world renowned expert and nootropics enthusiast Ryan Michael Ballow to help you refine your stack? We’ve got a consult package for that! $65 bucks gets you 40 minutes on a call or video chat with Ryan, and 15 additional email correspondences to help you PERFECT and REFINE a great nootropic stack that works best for you. Head over to the main consult page to learn more, here.

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